21. April 2016

Innovam hosting the 4th Project Team Meeting

The project consortium for the MariGreen sub-project ‘LNG Training Technologies’ was hosted by the Coordinating Partner Innovam at their hi-tech headquarters in Nieuwegein on 21.04.2016. As a leading training provider for car-, truck-, bus- and bicycle-manufacturers in the mobility sector, Innovam is a strong partner within the expert consortium of project MariGreen. Contributing their wealth of training and educational experience to the project represents Innovam’s first foray into the maritime industry where they are fast becoming recognized for their competency in training industry professionals within the so-called blended learning approach. A major challenge to overcome within the current sub-project is to develop online-based learning modules, augmented reality and virtual reality apps and an online portal to be used on board where a reliable internet connection will not always be available. The targeted deliverables will be used for training nautical personnel and seafarers in the use of complex maritime propulsion systems and bunkering procedures with the cryogenic fuel ‘Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)’.