16th – 17th of May 2018

GreenShipping contest How to reduce Ship‘s CO2 emissions

Apply now for this design challenge and two day field trip!
Use this chance to be a part in this cross border student competition,
accompanied by experts from Germany and the Netherlands.


Although shipping is by far the most carbon efficient mode of commercial transport, greenhouse gas
emissions from shipping are estimated to be about 3 % of total global emissions and at the moment are
predicted to increase by between 50 % and 250 % in 2050.
In order to make a fair contribution of shipping to the global reduction of CO2 emissions, new and innovative
technologies and logistics concepts must be developed and implemented. CO2 capture andstorage
on board ships is one way of significantly reducing a ship‘s carbon footprint. This procedure is already
in use in a land-based context. The challenge lies in the transferability of land-based CO2 capture and
storage solutions on board ships.


• a student (from the 3rd semester onwards)
• interested to learn more about green shipping and possibilities to reduce ship´s emissions
• motivated to work on new and innovative ideas in small groups
• enthusiastic to spend two days with Dutch and German students and maritime experts
• inspired to win the price (500¤ sponsored by Reederverein Ems-Dollart) for the best team