13. Juni, 2017

MariGreen hosted at Beenen B.V.

The project consortium from the MariGreen sub-project ‚LNG Training Technologies‘ was welcomed to hold their team meeting at Beenen B.V. in Heerenveen on the 13.06.17. As an industry leader in the design and implementation of complete control systems for industrial, infrastructure and water technology installations, Beenen has established a reputation for their innovative use of technological solutions in the manufacturing industry. Of particular relevance to this MariGreen sub-project, Beenen General Manager Alex van Dalen and his colleagues presented their recent developments in using augmented reality to monitor engine performance with a view to offering a greater range of services in machinery automation and maintenance. Says Mr. van Dalen: ‘Industry 4.0 is here, and we see increasing demand in the near future for remotely controlled manufacturing technologies that allow production facilities to be monitored in real-time by an expert from anywhere in the world, whilst providing servicing instructions to a technician standing on the factory floor. The enormous potential for quality management and cost reduction using this technology is very exciting.’ (www.beenen.nl)